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"Transforming lives... one at a time"

Kathy Couch is a trauma therapist and EMDR Consultant and Certified Grief Therapist offering EMDR and Couples Intensive Therapy sessions. 

Intensive sessions allow relief in accelerated, research-based, and sustained ways vs. the traditional weekly therapy models

to heal from grief, trauma, and relationship distress.

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What is an Intensive Session?

Maximum Progress

 Intensives provide extensive therapy in a short period of time and are provided in extended hours outside the typical weekly therapy schedule.  Research shows that intensive therapy for trauma can be extremely effective in reducing symptoms.  EMDR intensives can enhance current desired states in business, athletics and relationships as well while alleviating internal distress and resolving blocks that impair progress.

Feel better faster

You deserve to feel better faster.  Research has shown that clients completing intensive treatment can make accelerated progress in a shorter period of time.  Intensives can remove symptoms of weeks or months reducing the toll it takes on relationships, marriages, work and general happiness.

Can I afford

an intensive?

Flexible Schedule

Intensives may have a larger upfront cost and are typically not covered by insurance. However, the shorter duration of treatment can lead to cost savings and provide relief more quickly, potentially making it a worthwhile investment in your well-being.

Intensives offer dedicated time -  outside of the distractions of daily life - to resolve symptoms with evidenced-based modalities.  Traditional talk therapy offers long-term support for life challenges. But if your demanding schedule makes weekly appointments overwhelming, or if you need quick, substantial help, intensive therapy will fit your needs.

Intensive Therapy Services

EMDR Intensives
Receive accelerated treatment and experience lasting change and transformation!
Couples Intensives

Comparing Intensives to Traditional Therapy


Intensives offer a more immersive therapy experience, allowing for more therapeutic work to be done in a shorter period of time. They involve multiple hours of therapy in a given day, scheduled in one-day or multi-day increments, providing a deep dive into treatment away from interruptions and distractions.

In contrast, traditional therapy typically involves hour-long sessions once a week, eventually transitioning to less frequent maintenance sessions. While traditional therapy is suitable for simpler issues, more intensive treatment may be necessary for deeper-set issues that require more frequency, intensity and duration of sessions.

Intensive therapy can provide rapid and effective treatment for severe symptoms and is ideal for those who have not seen as much improvement with traditional therapy. At Willow Creek, it is structured as intensive outpatient therapy offering an 8 hour program or a 14 hour program.  The intensive packages vary depending on weekdays, weekends and evenings and are congruent with your treatment goals.


Ultimately, the choice between intensives and traditional therapy depends on the individual's specific needs, schedule, and the level of intensity and frequency of therapy required for their circumstances.

Schedule your Free Consultation

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EMDR Intensives

Willow Creek Counseling provides both EMDR and Couples intensive therapy.  Work with a specialist trained as an EMDR Consultant and Level 2 Trained Gottman-Institute Therapist treating trauma, grief, and relationship struggles in an intensive format. Intensives are designed for patients who know their treatment goal and are ready to address them in an accelerated way.


Additional Benefits Include:

- Traditional Therapy has not resolved your symptoms

- Desire for accelerated treatment to remove blocks to creating your ideal life.

- Skip the waitlist and gain faster access to select spots

- Receive focused therapy with more results in shorter time

- Plan with intention according to your preferred schedule and time

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Couples Intensives

Gottman Leader

Improve relationship health and satisfaction based on the most extensive study of marital stability from the Gottman Institute.  Accelerate your healing in an intensive format, outside of daily life distractions with dedicated time to your relationship. 

Why Gottman Intensives?

  • Couples intensives save time while enhancing therapy with a comprehensive online assessment specific to each couple.

  • Each partner meets individually to assist in assessing the relationship and developing your intensive treatment plan.  Each partner will contribute personalized results and specific treatment recommendations for you as a couple.

  • Save time with busy work schedules and take time based on your schedule to address your relationship comprehensively, vs. traditional weekly models of therapy.

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What is the Gottman Method of Couple's Therapy?




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