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Prior to discovering EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), I worked as a substance abuse therapist, child welfare social worker and educator for 13 years. During that time, I kept coming back to the question of how I could actually create change in patients with trauma and relational distress. After sessions with my patients, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that their brains weren’t closed down and the activation of memories that haunted them was present and alive. I sensed that there was continued disturbance and distress but I was unable to put my finger on how exactly how to stabilize the patient.


As I continued to practice, I entered my first basic EMDR training and was astounded to find the answers I had been seeking. Through the training, I understood the research…I understood the brain….and I understood my patients. I was now able to conceptualize what I had known all along -- that patients’ brain and the memory work could accelerate healing.

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Providing accelerated, long lasting treatment

to grief, trauma and couples.

Meet Kathy

I began my journey in working with EMDR patients through my private practice and was honored to witness the monumental outcomes and release of old, unprocessed memories. Alive and in person, I was a partner in actual healing and had improved, tangible outcomes. This revolutionized my work with patients, and with my teaching background, I realized this was something I wanted to bring to my own small rural town of Idaho. I KNEW this would help so many patients find the solution they had been desperately seeking. This further influenced my decision to support providers and clinicians in both local and global markets by developing a Consultation Program for clinicians to bond and form a community as we develop and grow our skills. To find out more about his program, click here.

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What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidenced-based practice founded to treat PTSD. It has expanded to treat a several psychiatric and mental health challenges. Being a certified EMDR therapist means you have committed to excellence in care and quality of services, with a deepened knowledge of EMDR. 


As a certified therapist, I also provide consultation services to other providers who seek advanced practice skills and certification. I am currently a Consultant-in-Training offering services to other professionals seeking to advance their skill sets.


What is Thanatology?

Thanatology is a comprehensive field of study that examines every facet of death, dying, and bereavement.


Thanatologists are care providers, clinicians, practitioners, educators, researchers, and others emerging from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, professional disciplines, and occupations who practice within the scope of death, dying, loss, grief, and bereavement and "share a common language" with other  professionals. 


The Certified Thanatologist designation is achieved after completing several hours of training and education in the field in addition to passing a required examination.

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