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Becoming and EMDR approved consultant

My journey to becoming an EMDR therapist and business owner has been an exciting adventure. As a clinical therapist, trauma was present in several areas of my clinical practice. I understood how trauma could affect the brain and cause secondary challenges. I was given the opportunity to supervise and lead a trauma-focused community substance abuse program. I was thrilled with the experience, and also at the same time innately saw the patients were activated when they left the sessions. I didn’t know what intervention it would take to resolve their distress, and could not identify clear signs of progress.

I knew there had to be a different way to resolve distress…

I had heard of EMDR and was curious about the modality. I was given the opportunity to be basic trained and complete my first 2 weekend training and complete my practicum and consultation hours to become “Basic Trained”. There was no doubt this was similar to military basic training with the protocols, procedures, and information that was exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Little did I know going to this training would change my life….

Going through this, I had no idea the venture I was about to undertake. I believed in the modality and quality of training, and I decided to seek Certification as an EMDR Therapist. I saw the visceral change in patients as I returned to my office to practice the modality. Memories were changing. People were changing before my eyes.

It was magic….

These experiences led me to want to share with others from my innate capacity to teach, as I had as an adjunct faculty with Boise State for several years. I then decided to advance my love of EMDR and integrate it with my love of teaching and become an approved EMDR Consultant. This was a natural connection, and I want to encourage others to do the same. I love working with other consultants to help them teach and learn from other people. Through this process I was able to begin my own practice and business in regards to consulting. Today, I have a thriving clinical practice and am a mom of three wonderful children, including twin boys. I am able to be a present parent and to give them the happiness and leadership they deserve due the investment in my clinical skills and practice. The good news is, you can do it too!


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