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Couples Intensives

When I first began seeing couples as a therapist to begin reviewing models of therapy, you had to have prior working experience to be able to work with couples. I didn’t have any significant knowledge with that type of practice.

As I continued my development as a therapist, I came across the Gottman Institute. Through this program, I was able to stay updated on evidence-based psychotherapy and research to be able to treat couples in a more specific way and understand how each of the partners could move forward in a way that was research based. They began providing individual weekly therapy and began running into barriers. It seemed that just as we started making progress, available time became a limitation.

This prompted me to create a Couple’s Intensive Program to support busy parents whose plates have been full since the COVID-19 pandemic. It came to me naturally, as I was able to create personalized plans for my patients so they could skip the waiting list and get support on their preferred schedule/timeline that worked for their specific treatment goals. We were able to work on the relationship through fun, interactive exercises and effective tools for conflict resolution. We also built friendships with some of the stressors and addressed some underlying challenges, based on interventions founded on 40 years of research with over 3,000 couples. Couples found they were able to discuss their relational crisis and concerns that resulted in ongoing relationship challenges while they worked on rebuilding friendship and admiration.

Most importantly, couples get to walk away with a binder full of rich resources, several card decks, and skills to apply the interventions outside of the Intensive. The Intensives Program is so much more than a regular therapeutic intervention. I created this program to provide an intentional space that allows people to grow relationally as partners.

As a previous research faculty at Boise State University, I was able to integrate my educational experience in a therapeutic way and provide patients with the best of both worlds. I look at precise outcomes based on my research background and match them with therapeutic interventions to create a safe, more effective intervention for myself and for the patient. These programs are not only satisfying to patients but to providers as well. We can provide reliable results while also serving patients’ needs.


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