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Insight Timer Meditation

Okay, peeps! I did it! I took a leap of faith and posted a Manifestation Meditation on the Insight Timer app! Insight Timer is a website/app with over 80,000 meditations. It is seriously the best.

My intention is to create a space for people to manifest and draw to themselves what they truly desire in life. A bold, courageous move to put myself out there, but I did it! WOW. The feeling I have is so awesome! I will keep you posted once it’s approved, and I signed up to do LIVE events as well! This process will take about a month, but I seriously can't wait.

I recorded these meditations to go with EMDR Phase 2 resourcing, however, they can be used by anyone. I am hoping that we can expand access to our inner world with these resources.

I believe in the Law of Attraction and I created this meditation to go with this. As we know, adaptive memory and information is stored in the brain, but the Universe does respond to what we “put out there”. If you send signals to the Universe you are ready, hold on tight, you may be on for a wild ride.

I also created the Inner Resource Room meditation as a supplement to the creation of an internal meeting room with parts work. In the meditation, you can share with clients to assist them in preparing for EMDR and understanding how parts work internally.

I am continuing to build, but for now these nuggets of wisdom are here to support you and your practice. Give yourself a gift of meditation and check out the link below:

Namaste Friends,



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